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Our ability to integrate expansive outdoor spaces into the total atmosphere of Hazel Creek sets the school apart from all others. Hazel Creek hires well-qualified teachers with various backgrounds. Our school provides ongoing training to all staff personnel for both the Montessori method and curriculum and what is required at the state level for mandated ongoing Early Childhood Education. Our programs offer a variety of daily activities to promote growth in the areas of academic, physical, social and emotional development.

We offer programs for toddlers, nappers, and preschoolers, as well as after school for older kids. Find out more about Hazel Creek Montessori and our objectives. Our ability to integrate expansive outdoor spaces into the total atmosphere of Hazel Creek sets this Montessori school apart from others.

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Hazel Creek maintains certified Montessori instructors, along with specialists in Spanish immersion, the arts and sciences. Calling the police in this situation would present a tremendous barrier to identification, enrollment, and retention and would violate the McKinney-Vento Act. The school also is not required to complete any paperwork related to child support.

You’ve Decided to Homeschool… Now What?

In fact, I would suggest your district speak with an attorney before completing any such paperwork. I suspect the paperwork requires the school to verify information about the support the stepdad provides to the youth. Since you have identified the student as an unaccompanied youth, it would not be appropriate for you to provide the court with information stating the stepdad is supporting the student. Assuming the student is 16 years old or older, the student can get social security benefits transferred to his own name. He will need to do that at a social security office.

If you or someone else appropriate from school could accompany him, or at least give him a letter on your letterhead describing his situation, that would be very helpful. He can get an appointment at the Social Security office by calling Hopefully, at least the youth will able to switch payment of the Social Security benefits.

We gain invaluable insights from school district liaisons, state coordinators, service providers and young people. Here are the most viewed essays:.

There are many students and people who are living just like me and deserve to be validated in their homeless status. We have already lost so much. We deserve to be recognized. District Homeless Liaison , St.

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Lucie Public Schools, Florida. We provide timely information on federal and state policy, new resources, research, and local and state guest perspectives on innovative practices and programs. Here are the newsletters that were read the most:. Check out all of our newsletters here. Here are some of the most impactful and important studies:. Education Leads Home is the only national campaign focused on closing educational achievement and attainment gaps for homeless students. The goals are:. Noteworthy Accomplishments:. Sesame Street Workshop launched a national initiative on family homelessness to bring awareness and support to young children and their parents who are homeless, and those who serve them, including early childhood programs, schools, and service providers.

Lily, a sweet and resilient 7-year-old muppet whose family experienced homelessness, is featured throughout the new resources, which include a storybook, videos, activities, and materials for providers. Sesame Street in Communities hosted an interactive conversation on Thursday, December 13, with a panel of experts to raise nationwide awareness about homelessness, its effects on children, and ways providers can help. Barbara Duffield was one of the panelists. Department of Education policymakers in Washington DC. All of the young people have experienced, or are experiencing homelessness, have graduated from high school and are either in college or recently completed college.

On June 6, the U.

Guide to Using Sesame Street in Communities’ Resources on Family Homelessness

Witnesses included:. A key topic of the hearing was how the U. Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD definition of homelessness creates barriers to assisting children, youth, and families who experience homelessness. The sessions were designed to bridge policy and practice by featuring innovative practices and strategies with expert panelists.

Topics include:. At SchoolHouse Connection, we believe that young people are the experts on their experiences, needs and strengths. We are also proud to offer a scholarship program. The program provides scholarships to youth who have experienced homelessness to ensure their completion of a post-secondary education program; builds a stable peer and adult support network; and offers young people meaningful opportunities to engage in advocacy.

When I first became a part of SchoolHouse Connection, I got to meet other people who had very similar stories to mine and some of them are way more difficult than I ever experienced and it humbled me as a person. And the people I got to meet through SchoolHouse Connection, it was very humbling, all of it.

Engineering is science put into action. It is about designing solutions to problems that affect the quality of modern life. But at 12 years old, I was convinced that my bad luck and misfortune were my own fault. My teachers did little to tell me otherwise. But because of this, I grew up and matured knowing exactly who I never want to be.

I was immediately soothed with the idea that I was not completely alone in this struggle of trying to adhere to mainstream society, a place where I have to wear a mask in order to navigate both homelessness and higher education while still trying to express myself in what is deemed an appropriate fashion. We provide in-person training all over the nation, from Virginia to Washington State.

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In , we conducted over 30 training sessions in 20 states on topics ranging from federal and state policy, McKinney-Vento and ESSA implementation, immigrant students, higher education, and early childhood programs. SchoolHouse Connection is very helpful! I appreciate all that you and your staff do to help all of our homeless students! Facebook Twitter. Donate to SchoolHouse Connection. Top 5 Overall Accomplishments. We also testified at a Congressional hearing about the need to reform homeless assistance to better serve children, youth, and families, and organized and led a broad, diverse coalition of hundreds of local, state, and national groups to help pass the bill through the Financial Services Committee on a bipartisan basis.

At the state level, we: Worked with advocates in Tennessee to secure successful passage of HB , which allows children and youth of any age experiencing homelessness to obtain their birth certificate and state ID. HB 99 would provide college students experiencing homelessness with automatic eligibility for housing assistance and priority for student housing, and require colleges and universities to designate a liaison for students experiencing homelessness.

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Prepared additional policy proposals for the session in the areas of credit accrual, child care, minor consent, expungement of juvenile records, higher education, employment, and transportation in ten additional states. Trained close to 1, advocates in 44 states and DC on the nuts and bolts of policy advocacy, and produced many state advocacy tools. We published tip sheets on early care and education advocacy for housing and homeless assistance providers , as well as on strategies for housing college students on and off campus. We offered webinars on partnering with housing authorities, housing homeless college students, and drop-in and residential services for pregnant and parenting youth.

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Top 5 Webinars. We have a young lady who was unaccompanied in her senior year. This year, the financial aid office is asking for an updated letter. Can they require this?