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The signature 5G phone coming to many of these carriers? T-Mobile customers can pick one up and use an S10 5G on the carrier's nascent 5G networks in six US cities, according to a blog post.

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As expected, the S10 5G will only work on T-Mobile's mmWave networks - not the following mid- and low-range frequency networks, the carrier confirmed to The Verge. T-Mobile still hasn't announced many details about the full extent of its rollout plans - indeed, we only learned about its initial six-city 5G network launch the day they went live.

We also learned what its 5G network will cost Assuming both carriers combine into the so-called 'New T-Mobile,' the resulting super-carrier won't charge extra for 5G for at least three years along with "strong economic incentive for even lower prices in the future," according to a blog post. Given that the FCC approved the merger in mid-October, with only a lawsuit standing in the way of it going through, it's even more likely that the New T-Mobile and its multi-spectrum 5G network will be a reality.

The carrier made good on its claims, launching in those four cities as well as Cleveland and Atlanta on June That's right, you can actually go look at where customers should be able to get 5G service in cities where the 5G networks are live. That's a big gesture toward transparency that other carriers have refused to do.

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After that is a broad rollout to rural customers. T-Mobile opted for subMHz for its farther range, which should cover more area with less infrastructure than the high-frequency networks other carriers are building out. The network was likely testing far earlier than its launch day.

The outlet reported high speeds just under Mbps download , which is still impressive even if it pales compared to the over-1 Gbps seen in Verizon's mmWave network in Chicago. From what we've seen, this will be a true top-tier device: a 6. The S10 5G is otherwise a stepped-up version of its S10 siblings, packing a trio of rear lenses 12MP wide, 16MP ultrawide and 12MP telephoto as well as a fourth time of flight sensor to measure depth.

There's another TOF sensor on the front for depth-augmented selfies. This phone is coming to T-Mobile customers sometime in summer. Early reports suggest the S10 5G won't, however, work on the broader nation-spanning primary network T-Mobile is working on now: a low-band subMHz spectrum to power its early 5G networks.

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It's expected to offer the opposite of mmWave - less speed than high-frequency networks, but more range for better coverage. Eventually, it plans to supplement this with mid-frequency bands as part of its spectrum of service — it's currently testing millimeter wave in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Ohio and a few other places potentially covering million people , per an MWC interview with PC Mag. As you can see, the mobile website I checked is in rough shape. There is a great article you can follow to get your mobile pages to load in under 1 second.

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