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Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security. Getcontact LLP. Getcontact is the best "spam blocking" and "caller ID" application. More by InformationPages. Find Yello - Antigua.

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Find businesses, Get directions, click-to-call a business, download coupons. Find Yello - Bahamas. The Local Directory. That is more than one call a day from your Yellow Page ad, in this example. People especially older demographics do still reach for the printed Yellow Pages when they need a local business in a hurry.

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For instance, plumbers should think hard before they ditch their local phone books. Personal injury lawyers should also track their incoming leads closely before deciding to stop their ads.

There are lots of examples of businesses that service folks with urgent needs who may benefit from staying in the books. You don't run a charity, and your business needs come first! After word-of-mouth, consumers relied heavily on the Yellow Pages for services in a wide range of industries.

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And even if the consumer does reach for the printed Yellow Pages, your ad still has to stand out size, graphics and color, which ups the expense of being in the book. The more complex piece to analyze of the YP industry involves their online divisions: while their print divisions are experiencing longterm shrinkage, their online arms have grown in usage and revenues in some cases.

The YP industry challenge all along has been that they needed to grow their digital products to replace their legacy print YP books — and profits on the Internet side are considerably lower than the print ads. Imagine that they basically needed to replace each lost print customer with about twenty online customers, and you get an idea of the magnitude of their problem. So, it appears that each of the big YP companies is still experiencing financial stress.

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To flourish, they need to develop their digital sides to replace their legacy products, while simultaneously evolving to compete with Google and other technological challengers. But, there is more going on than meets the eye. Some of these companies have very healthy and even growing Internet traffic, and some have successfully leveraged partnership deals which help distribute their business listings out to consumers.

They may be able to survive their diminishing print arms and develop sufficient niches to compete as viable longterm companies. The industry had a massive reversal which was unprecedented in its century-long history.

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Now for the question that many local businesses continue to try to figure out which is tied into this…. Here are the facts as I know them:.

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The print yellow pages was toast, but is it still worthwhile to advertise in them? Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here.