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County New York does not have marriage records dating back to when each county was formed. From , county clerks kept marriage records, but would forward a copy to Albany. The LDS has these on microfilm. Town When vital registration started in , copies of all certificates were sent to Albany, while the originals remained with the county.

From , some marriages were simply recorded by justices of the peace, while others were recorded by school districts. New York City began registering marriages prior to The Municipal Archives has some marriage records from as early as However, all pre marriage records are in ledger format. The license was issued by the clerk's office and the actual certificate by the DOH. It is important to remember that when searching for marriage records to obtain both the license and certificate. Affadavit for License to Marry: includes all the above information.

On the reverse side was the Certificate of Consent, to be signed by parents or guardians of minors wishing to marry. Marriage License: similar to affadavit, but was signed by the city clerk. This document with clerk's signature gives permission for the couple to marry. Marriage Certificate: the person officiating at the wedding was to sign and return this document to the city clerk's office for filing. It is uncommon to find a marriage certificate but not a license.

New York Vital Records

If this is the case, it is probable the license was filed in a separate county or applied for at an earlier date than expected. It is a good idea to continue searching the license indexes, backwards.

It is far more common to find a license and no certificate. Informal or Common Law Marriage During the colonial period, marriages were regulated by the civil authorities. An informal marriage or common law was recognized as valid. Informal marriages enabled parties to marry when there was no clergy or civil official available to officiate, ie: pioneers. For most of New York State's history, informal marriages were a legal agreement. Cohabitation was not equivalent to an actual informal marriage agreement. However, the New York State legislature started to chip away at the legality of these contracts as early as Prior to , New York State would recognize a common law marriage if the agreement was entered into within the borders of the state, with the exception of those contracted during the January 1, to January 1, time period.

During that period, current statutes rendered them invalid. Under this law, any common law marriages in existence on that date remained as valid and legal as a ceremonial marriage.

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New York State will not recognize a common law or informal marriage regardless of how long the couple has been together or even if they refer to each other as husband and wife. NOTE: New York State will recognize a common law marriage if the agreement was entered into in a jurisdiction that permits them. New York State residents may temporarily reside in or travel to a state that permits them, the common law marriage may be contracted in that state. For marriage records after , you will need to contact the city clerk's office where the marriage took place.

All-Borough: Marriages microfilm item 1 NOTE: This film contains marriages performed in New York City and surrounding areas by mayors, aldermen and justices of the peace. Brooklyn Marriage Index Oceanside, NY: J. Simon, FHL book ISBN Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co, Scott, Kenneth. The marriage records comprise microfilm rolls. During the Dutch colonial period of New Netherland, non-judicial divorces were granted on occasion. I got one by phone 4 years ago but i cant tell wheter its a long form or short?

Thank you for your fine and instructive article. I am now at phase one of the process Just sent the envelope to the Office of Vital Records and following your directions. I have 2 questions here: Firstly what exactly is the letter of exemplification?

I asked for this on the phone of course, along with the long form, but don't know what it means. What other purpose could this paper possibly have? Hello Tom I'm applying for dual citizenship. When you order a long form birth certificate, do you ALSO have to request the letter of exemplification from them? The thing about apostilles is that it can be very simple or extremely complicated depending on your situation. There's more information about the apostille process here, including step-by-step instructions.

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The apostille process is different by state and country. I followed all the instructions above, with a few exceptions. Step 1 can be completed on the internet through vitalchek. Either office will put the Apostille Seal on your documentation. The process took a little less than one month to complete. I was very pleased with how quickly each document was returned to me.

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Thanks for the guidance. So helpful, I was going crazy trying to find out how to get the apostille de la haya for my husband's birth certificate. I am from Spain and he is from New York, but his mother is from Spain and apparently we do need his birth certificate stamped so he can become a Spanish citizen.

I wonder if your birth certificate had to be less than 6 months old, which is another of the requirements to become a Spanish citizen or to register our marriage in the Spanish consulate in New York.

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Also, my husband was born in North Tarrytown, Westchester county, should the address and the process be the same? I planned to marry in France, Chailly en Biere. I have all my certified copies, dated correctly and at the eleventh hour, the town hall says they require an Apostille for my certified birth certificate. The translator will not begin the process without it, therefore the wedding has to be postponed at a terrible cost. But all that being said, everything I find online says the apostille is only required for New York City births.

I was born in Yonkers, NY.

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I wonder if the typical stereotype has occurred in that all New Yorkers to foreigners is New York City. Can you shed some light on this for my next venture to put the correct papers in place. My email is: hanks45 aol.

I was born in Yonkers and am being told that I need an Apostille. I just cannot imagine how to coordinate getting the birth certificate from Yonkers, and sending it to Albany for the Apostille and still comform to the 90 day prior time requirement when the town hall here wants it 21 days before the wedding date. Have others been using a outside company to obtain or doing it all themselves. This just seems conflicting in requirements. If you ever need a California Apostille in business days contact, Apostille Pros. They are located in Beverly Hills. They did everything perfectly. I was in New York; therefore, was unable to do it.

Obtain a new New York City (NY) Birth Certificate

They also took care of my son's birth certificate for Florida as well. Expedited that! Not sure how they were able to do that, but they took care of everything as well as translation. This information on the blog is very helpful, but this post is inaccurate in that VitalChek will not give you a Letter of Exemplification along with your birth certificate. You must go through directly, the Vitals Office.

Very informative. I am at step 2. My papers are confirmed received on Aug. It is now Aug. I call and asked what is the status. They tell me it will take at least another week or so. I process NY birth, death and marriage certificates on a regular basis for Apostille. This walk thru service takes less than a day, If you like to use my service, I available.

Hello, Derek. I just adopted my grandson to a family in China and will be traveling to visit in the near future. I was born in PA and need to know where I send or take my birth certificate to obtain the apostille. Any suggestions? While living in Paris seemed like this was going to be a problem, with your advice, it went pretty smoothly and all is wonderful in our world again. Many thanks. Merci', Bonne Journee, Au Revoir….