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Criminal defense attorney Joseph D. Lento will go above and beyond the needs of any client, and will fight until the final bell rings. Blair County Expungements and Record Sealing. Blair County Expungements When a person wishes to file for expungement in Blair County, they must first meet the state requirements for expungement. Under Pennsylvania law, a person may be eligible for expungement if: A person has been convicted of a summary offense, and five 5 years have passed without any criminal proceedings being brought against them. The court has offered a defendant the chance to complete an Accelerative Rehabilitative Disposition ARD program in lieu of a conviction, and the defendant has completed the program.

A person is over the age of 70 years old, and at least ten 10 years have passed without any criminal proceedings being brought against them. If a person was arrested, but the criminal charges were, for example, dismissed by the Blair County Court, or withdrawn by the Blair County District Attorney's Office, these charges will be eligible for expungement; in some instances, dismissed or withdrawn charges may instead be eligible for a "partial" expungement, also known as a "redaction.

Juvenile Expungement in Blair County When a person has criminal or arrest records that existed prior to their 18 birthday, these are considered juvenile records unless the person was charged as an adult at the time, which is rare. A juvenile record may be expunged in Pennsylvania if: A person is over the age of 18 and the court approves their request to expunge their prior record. A juvenile arrest record exists, but the charges were withdrawn or dismissed.

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A juvenile was placed under supervision of the court, the supervision has concluded, and six 6 months have passed without any criminal incident. A juvenile was convicted adjudicated on a juvenile delinquency charge, and five 5 years have passed since the sentence was fulfilled and no criminal proceedings have been brought during that time period.

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Born and raised in Connecticut, he moved to Pennsylvania in Attorney Passarello has vast experience in all areas of criminal and civil law as well as domestic, support, children and youth, adoption and personal injury matters. Attorney Kiss has tried numerous felony level criminal jury trials and has appeared in court thousands of times on cases of all types. Attorney Kiss lives in Johnstown, PA.

Passarello Attorney Steven P. Read Complete Biography. Attorney Daniel J. Kiss Attorney Kiss has tried numerous felony level criminal jury trials and has appeared in court thousands of times on cases of all types.