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Calculating Child Support in North Carolina

This child support calculator is based on statutory guidelines. The court has the final authority to determine the amount of child support awarded. This number is only an estimate and is not a guarantee of the amount of child support that will be awarded. Other factors may affect the amount of child support awarded.

Please see an attorney in your area for more detailed information.

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  3. Calculate Child Support Payments in North Carolina.
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Child Support Calculator of North Carolina - Guidelines

Family Law and Divorce. Child Support. Child Support Calculator. Enter your monthly gross income:.

Retroactive (Past) Child Support

Pre-existing Child Support:. However, the most important thing to consider in any child custody case is the best interests of the children.

When necessary, we will be ready to fight in court to protect your children and your parental rights. Child support issues can be stressful. North Carolina has set formulas for the determination of child support; however, other elements are open to interpretation and often require the attention of a skilled family attorney to be properly assessed.

Free Child Support Calculator

For example, factors such as health care expenses and day care costs need to be considered when determining the final child support amount. Our lawyers carefully consider your entire situation and work hard to ensure you receive what you deserve or do not pay more than you should. Child support obligations awarded by the court must continue to be paid until the child is 18 years old or graduates from high school, whichever happens last.

Child support payments are terminated if the child is emancipated.

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  • As part of the process, an attorney will assist with all types of child support issues, including:. Contact our office at or complete our Contact Form. Deviations may be made from the guidelines, but are not covered by this calculator. The N.

    North Carolina Child Support Calculator

    Child Support calculator will guide you through your particular situation. The calculator provides an estimate only of the amount of child support that may be owed by a parent or parents subject to these Guidelines who may have custodial rights of a minor child.


    It does not support or account for any deviations from the Guidelines. The court will determine actual child support payments.

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    • You will need to provide monthly information about parental income, child-related expenses and the number of children in your family. Site by Consultwebs. Ullman Graham M. Call for a Consultation Child Support Calculator. North Carolina Child Support Calculator See our calculator form below Child support payments should be appropriate and fair. All fields are required Child Support Calculator We hope the child support calculations you make here offer you some guidance as you proceed with this difficult stage of your life.

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