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How high are current property taxes?

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Is an increase in property taxes expected for the next year? How much did the current owner pay for this property? Were there any permits filed recently on the property indicating repairs and maintenance work?

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What is the official size square footage of the property? How does the home's sales history look, judging from the available property deed records?


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Property records in Hillsborough County at your fingertips Search by property address in Hillsborough County and unlock key property data Search by property address in Hillsborough County and unlock key property data. Address or Street. Please input values in both search fields.

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Property data, all in one place. Your research will be easier since we aggregated public property records from multiple sources, and we added our proprietary research. User-friendly, fast website. You will save time since property records load quickly and all features are hassle-free, created with users like you in mind. More research tools.

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Gain access to comps with updated sales, informative maps, mailing lists, and distressed property listings. Property tax rates are based on property values. How can I contact Hillsborough County?

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You can try contacting the Hillsborough County local government directly with any issues the Assessor's Office can't solve. In many counties, certain property records such as deeds are kept in the county courthouse or county archives instead of at the tax assessors' office. You can direct your general inquiries to Hillsborough County with the contact info listed below.

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How do I appeal my property taxes? Johns County St.

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